Steam is updating facts to tell kids about dating

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Other changes include a checkbox to help users more easily declare they received their copy of the game for free when writing a review.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post it probably means you are a Steam user (the massively-popular gaming distribution platform owned by Valve Corporation) and you have one or more games stuck into the dreadful “Download Queued” or “Update Queued” status – even if there are no active downloads.

When I boot into Windows and load up Steam however, I can see that there are no updates for these games and I can launch them straight away. Ok I've been trying to sort this issue out but still running into roadblocks.

My solution has been to format a spare HDD I have with ext4 to use as a games partition for playing games under Linux.

The presentation (or at least the slides we can see) didn't reveal any new images, nor was there any mention of when it might be rolled out.

The presentation did hint at what's coming, including an option to "quickly launch right back into recent games" from your Library, and indicators of "activity" in games you own including events, updates, and "Friend activity." Game launch pages will be updated as well, with some sugar-sweet "rich display of content." A separate but also very interesting part of the presentation are the numbers revealed by the "Steam is Big and Growing" slide.

Edit: it's not completely not doing it, it's doing it like 1 or 2MB at a time, explains why the workshop files worked.

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Separately, reporting multiple issues per issue report is bad for any issue tracker.I have the drive mounted with execute permissions, so I can see all my Linux-viable games installed in Steam when I launch it in open SUSE.However, every time I launch it, it starts updating all the installed games (an example is Rocket League, where it tries to get a 3.3 GB update, which seems to me more like the size for the entire game and not an update). Steam is installed on a separate hard drive that is NTFS formatted.I've tried scanning the whole file system for any other folders with the prefix "steam" but no joy. The other issue I have is that I don't have experience with adding an ext4 partition in o S and it seems I don't have write permissions.Valve's attendance at Indigo 2017 in the Netherlands last weekend was primarily a business-and-developers type thing.

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