Nolo will maker updating to 2016

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It’s an excellent option if you don’t have a complicated estate — and a do-it-yourself will can take as little as 15 minutes to create.

We’ll first explore the basics of a will and then give you our recommendations for the best online will maker based on our research.

Attorney and CBS News Legal Consultant Andrew Cohen recommends that most people seek the advice of a real live attorney to "ask questions and have someone with experience in the real world." "You may think it's simple," says Cohen,"but when you get to the end of life, your loved ones might find that there was a mistake." He also warns that software may not be as flexible as an attorney and not as tailored to a particular individual's needs, situation or moral beliefs.

It can also become a source of contention among those surviving you as they battle against each other in hopes of carrying out what they believe to be your heart's desires.

While you can hire an attorney to create your will for you, most charge a minimum of per hour.

Barbara Repa, a California attorney who is an author of Nolo's Will Maker software, disagrees.

"These situations are the most personal decisions in the world.

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