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"Shark Tank" star Robert Herjavec has an interesting way of saying goodbye to his "friends" ...by planting a big, juicy wet one on their smackers. They've actually been very open about their relationship ... If there's any doubt about Robert's wealth, this video should put it to rest.It turned out to be a video of a 45 minutes slideshow by Klaus Dona, an artefact researcher from Austria, called "The Hidden Interesting indeed - It's data-rich, detailed, intensive, absorbing, and may contain more startling information about the history of the human race in one place than any other video you've ever seen, writes Bill Ryan of Project Avalon who made the interview. Klaus Dona was also mentioning giants at the end of the slideshow - and what caught my attention was the story of Father Carlos Vaca, who was working as a priest in hospitals in Ecuador, South America.

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She's now an NYC-based writer, US Vogue contributor, and the co-founder of Jean Stories, a pretty amazing denim blog.

- I confirm that the photo Reinhard Habeck took of some giants bones is real, writes Dona.

Drawing on examples from the West (Flanders) and developing East (Siberia, Russia), this paper investigates the subtle and often overlooked entanglements between the nation state and archaeology.

Robert and his "Dancing with the Stars" partner Kym Johnson were leaving Greenblatt's Deli in Hollywood Friday night, where they were full-on kissing. Do you know what a turkey sandwich costs at Greenblatt's?

Janine Carmen Habeck (born 3 June 1983; Berlin, Germany)[1] is a German model. Habeck was the Playmate of the Month (PMOM) for February 2004 and Playmate of the Year in 2005 (2004 by German Playboy notation) for the German edition of Playboy.

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