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See, there we go again, doing all of the hard work for you.

Today i was threatened by a group who called themselves "anonymous".

Sometimes I take my knowledge of social media for granted.

Because the truth is that while everyone under the age of 18 has never known a world without internet or cell phones, most parents have a hard time keeping up.

The vile comment posted on her picture was posted from an anonymous account with the name “[juniorhighname]hatepage”.

” A series of big stories — the “Fappening” [the recent release of the naked celebrity pics], Brooks Newmark, the revenge-porn phenomenon — have lifted our veil of innocence about taking, storing and sending naked pics and, as a consequence, a major national pastime is at risk.

Lots of people who threw themselves wholeheartedly into using their internet-enabled smartphones to fire off awkwardly posed portraits have been humiliated, whether by the hand of vengeful exes, criminal hackers or idiot mates.

Snapchat doesn’t make contributions to your permanent record and no college admissions director will ever see your snaps. The girls had a handful of friends who were also Snapchatters () who they enjoyed connecting with. This is a frustrating development for parents everywhere.

I think it’s partly because I see the appeal it has for teens. The messages you send on Snapchat are meant to be viewed once, giggled over, and then deleted.

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